Penis Stretcher Device FAQ

Penis Stretcher DeviceYou can quickly and comfortably increase your penis size by up to 3 inches with a penis stretcher device. If you are new to penis stretching then this FAQ will give you all the knowledge you need.

What is a penis stretcher device?

Penis stretcher devices have been designed, so that they apply a continuous pressure to your penis in order for it to be permanently lengthened and enlarged; this continuous stretching is also known as “traction”.

The most effective and most popular models apply this traction by using adjustable calibrated metal rods. The metal rods sit between one anatomically curved base unit which is designed to fit comfortably at the very root of your penis shaft.

The other end a surgical-grade strap which will slip over the head (glans) of the penis. Over time as the penis gains size and lengthens the amount of traction and the distance is adjusted. These devices have been designed to be worn discreetly under clothes and can be used at night when sleeping.

How does a penis stretcher device work?

As the stretcher device fits from either ends of the penis, the traction forces involved create a gentle but significant expansion by using the continuous pressure of the expandable metal rods. Such stretching opens up the spaces between the penile cells which in turn triggers the body’s own natural growth and healing response.
The adjacent cells within the penis then begin to divide which in turn fills the spaces created. After continual use this growth can mean millions of newly created cells which adds significant size and new penile tissue to that area.

How are penis stretchers different from penis pumps?

The major difference between penis pumps and penile stretchers is that penis pumps deliver only temporary penis enlargement. The pump increases the size of your penis by using and creating strong suction forces on your penile tissues.

This suction will create instantaneous dilation of the blood vessels within your penis. So then the penis swells up and you will gain some size but this is only for a period of a few hours. It’s not long before the dilation disappears and your penis will return to its original size.

By stark contrast a penis stretcher will expand penile tissues and multiply the cells by using your body’s own natural rebuilding abilities. Over a period of time this increased penile tissue and penile cell production will add permanent length and girth to the size of your penis.

So if you are looking for a temporary fix then a penis pump will give you that, but be aware of the dangerous side effects. However if you wish for a permanently bigger and longer penis then you must use a penis stretcher device to achieve this.

Is using traction a medically recognised technique?

Yes using traction is now a well-known and medically documented technique. It is now used widely to help patients with healing and recovery after surgery, burns, trauma and other injuries.

In its simplest terms traction means stressing human tissues by the gradual process of stretching and then importantly allowing the human body to repair and rebuild itself naturally.

Such examples of this include mastectomy (removal of breasts surgically) these patients will need the expansion of their muscle and skin in the chest area prior to any reconstructive surgery.

Also penis enlargement surgery patients who will use the method of traction to help the healing process which also strengthens and straightens the penis; and also burns patients who are able to create their own skin grafts by use of traction; this stretches and enlarges the area of tissue prior to the actual transplant.

What if I have a really small penis? Will the stretcher device still work for me?

If you have a penis that is less than 2 inches when flaccid then you may have some difficulty using most penis traction devices. However if your penis is longer than 2 inches you will not have any problems at all. It is important to note that very small penis size is very rare and is a medical condition known as micropenis. X4 Labs offers a mini support option for men with a penis size of 1 inch and upwards.

Are penis stretchers painful to wear?

If you follow exactly the instructions that come with your penis stretcher and wear the stretcher properly you should not experience any pain at all. Modern penis traction devices have been designed so you can easily adjust the level traction or “pull” that the stretcher exerts to a level that’s comfortable for you. Depending on the size of your penis you can modify the tool to an exact fit.

It’s important to discover when purchasing a traction device the reputation of the company selling you the device. Find out whether the company has been around for a long time, where the device is manufactured, find out whether the device is backed by medical studies and endorsed by medical doctors.

Find out whether the device has a guarantee and view the customer testimonials to find out if the device is really working for them. It is then really important to use the device only as instructed. Unfortunately some men have caused harm to themselves by over-using the stretcher they have used the “more is better” and “no pain, no glory” in the hope of getting bigger quicker.

The stretcher should never produce more than some mild discomfort if any at all. All the parts of the device should fit comfortably and there should be no sharp edges, excessive traction pressure or tight grips. Traction certainly does work but it’s very important to follow the device instructions carefully.

How often should I wear a penis stretcher and for how long?

The results you will get are in direct proportion to the amount of time used, the total amount of traction force and the length of the stretching.

In clinical studies they examined men using the traction device for up to 8 – 10 hours per day over a period of about 3 to 6 months and in every case the men had shown significant penis growth.

Different results can be gained using different schedules of penis stretching and each man’s own specific results will vary. A lot of men are able to blend the use of a device into their existing lifestyle.

This can be achieved by using your device during work hours (if desk based job) or it can be done during the evening. Everyone has a different schedule but it is possible to get the time in regardless of your lifestyle.

When wearing the penis stretcher device it is important to wear the device for at least 2 hours a day although 4 hours is more preferable; and you should wear it for a few months.

However If you are unable to wear it at work, then aim to put it on when you get home. The more effort and time you put into penis stretching the more significant the gains you will see.

Can I wear a penis stretcher at the office?

Yes absolutely! If you have a job that does not involve lots of physical labor or activities then the penis stretcher deviceis perfect to wear under loose-fitting pants or boxer shorts.

What will happen to my erections if I use a stretcher device?

Penis stretchers will actually add a lot more strength to your erections. With the cell and tissue break-down comes the regeneration which will give more room for blood to fill up throughout your penis. As your erections become thicker and stronger they will feel amazing for your partner. This is another great benefit of using a stretching device.

Do all penis enlargement companies offer a guarantee with their penis stretchers?

Unfortunately many companies do not have a guarantee. It is a fact that many of these manufacturers are producing substandard devices and these companies are not around long enough for many dissatisfied customers to get their refund.

Some may offer a guarantee but by the time the duped customer has returned a complaint he finds the company has vanished into thin air. It is unfortunate that such unscrupulous companies have given an unnecessary negative public perception of penis enlargement products.

So to be sure you are getting a good product make sure you choose a company that has been in the market for a while, one that guarantees you satisfaction and will offer you a money back guarantee.

It is only companies with quality products and happy satisfied customers that will order time and time again that stay in the penis enlargement business for the long run. A great example of such a company is X4 Labs.

Am I the right person for a penis stretcher?

Any man who wants to increase the size and strength of his penis is suitable for a penis stretcher. Men who may have an embarrassing or bent curve to their penis (known to Doctors as Peyronie’s Disease) will benefit from using a penis stretcher device too.

When men wish to increase their penis size it is important that they are mindful to the overall health and safety that is needed for penis enlargement. It cannot be stressed more than a medically developed device is the only real choice and following the provided instructions is an absolute must.

If you have any questions or concerns then ultimately it should be directed towards your medical practitioner. In the end the success of using a penis stretcher device comes down to the user’s dedication and commitment to using a program of stretching as directed.

If you put in the time and effort then permanent penis enlargement is yours forever along with the better sex, greater self-esteem and confidence.

Does a Penis Stretcher provide permanent penis enlargement?

When you have grown your penis to the desired size then you can stop using a penis stretcher device. The gains you have made are permanent and will not disappear after you stop using the penis extender.

Why are penis stretchers more expensive than penis pumps?

There are a few reasons why penis stretchers have the slightly higher price tags. There is a huge amount of research that goes into the design of these penis devices; the materials used plus the finely tuned calibration settings are designed to give optimum safety and permanent results guaranteed.

A high quality penis stretcher device is certainly not a cheap plastic toy that can be bought from any sex shop. It is a state of the art, highly tuned and surgical grade tool that has been clinically proven to be very effective.

The higher price means you are paying for quality and the gains you get are permanent which is obviously more satisfying.

Just think about it and use some common sense. What are your reasons for wanting a bigger penis? Whether it’s better sex, more women, more confidence and self-esteem.

Are you really ready to make the commitment, to make the effort to increase the length and girth of your penis or are you satisfied with the penis size you have already?

If you have now decided to go ahead and proceed with using a penis stretcher then by all means you can listen to what your body is telling you and if necessary consult with a qualified medical doctor if you still have any further concerns or questions.

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