History of Penis Stretching

History and Background of Penis Stretching

Although considered the most natural penis enlargement method, enlarging your penis through the process of stretching or using a traction-based device such as a penis stretcher is not actually such a new idea. The modern high tech penis stretchers maybe quite a new invention but the concept is far from new.

The principle of traction or stretching has been used with great success for many thousands of years in many different regions all over the world. People have enlarged various parts of their bodies including their ears, neck, lips, arms, legs and also their penis.

Throughout history various tribes have been using weights and many other instruments to help stretch their body parts from their lips and ears to stretching their penis. Numerous cultures and tribal based societies have used methods of penis enlargement in various forms over many hundreds of years.

It was the famous Anthropologist Margaret Mead who reported on Polynesian males who were actively stretching their penises. They used a device very similar to a Chinese finger trap, it was a sleeve woven out of plant fibres.

The men insert their penis into one end of the sleeve and then attach a rock or some other heavy object to the other end. There have been archaeological surveys done that reveal cave drawings dating back to 440 BC. The cave drawings reveal men (usually kings) with very large penises.

Ancient Arabia

For the ancient Arabs like many other cultures, the penis and male sexual potency has been used as a symbol of masculinity and male virility. In Ancient Arab fiction there are tales that describe numerous sexual encounters is explicit detailed.

A recurrent theme is the male sexual dominance relating to the power and size of their genitalia. The well-known and famous techniques of “Jelqing” the penis is believed to have originally come from Arab culture.

Dr. Brian Richards has carried out very detailed studies in the late ’70 on how effective using the Arabic Jelq method for increasing penis size is. His research and work was published in the highly respected British Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The findings showed an extremely positive result for this method, 87% of the subject test group showed size increases. Although there were increases the overall growth of the test subject’s penises was not that significant and the results took a long time to achieve.

Many experts on sex would agree that combining the method of penis stretching exercises with a penis stretcher device will get you the maximum possible results in the shortest time period.


Throughout Africa and South Americas the method of penis extension through the means of traction has been used widely by tribal members who have stretched their ears and lips purely for their own culture and traditions. This practice ritual has been going on for many hundreds of years. In various African tribes the women have often used this practice.

You may have seen pictures of African women with elongated necks; these have been stretched and enlarged by attaching around their necks gold rings. This is a tradition that will start when the girls have reached the age of  6, the whole process will take a long times. Most of the women will stop the process when they reach around 20 years old.

Similar examples can be found in the Mursi Tribe that live in the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia. The women wear a traditional lip disk. These disks show the women’s status and are there as a constant reminder of this. Social status and sexual maturity is shown when the lip disk is deemed large enough.

These lip disks are sometimes worn to increase growth in the lower lip size; this is regarded as a symbol of real feminine beauty. Over a long period of time a few of the Mursi tribe’s women are able to pull their elongated lips right up to their heads.

South America

Similarly this tradition of extending body parts can be found in the Soya Tribesmen located in the Amazon. This ritual has come from cultural and spiritual reasons. Male members of the tribe would pierce their lips and ears when they were in their younger years. As the man gets older he continues stretching and the ears and lips were extended over 300 per cent, sometimes even more.

Ancient Rome

In ancient Greece and Rome we find there are many ancient references to the ‘preparation of the penis by placing a ‘heavy burden’ on the member or by using a ‘heated massage’. Many younger males were instructed on how to utilise certain penile exercises that would help them gain both length and girth.

Ancient Egypt

The history of penis stretching has been found to date back pre-Egyptian dynasty. Ancient manuscripts have been discovered that detail very crude experimentations on both the penis and slaves.

Evidence also shows that ancient Egyptian pharaohs would practice the method of “weight hanging” by attaching weights to their member.  Modern scientists however agree that penile weight hanging is both dangerous and not a very effective method of penile enlargement.

Although it has been found that such a method will increase the overall length of the penis when used for a long period of time, the practice can actually decrease the girth of the penis.

Dependent on the hanging device used, blood flow to the penis will decrease which can cause necrosis (death) of the penile tissues.


India and South East Asia

The Sadkhus tribes from India have achieved great results from hanging stones from their penises using grass or lianas. These heavy stones will extend the penile tissues with an equal force for the period that the weight is attached. Similarly the “long neck giraffe women” of the Paduang tribe in Thailand have managed to increase the overall size of their necks by 50 per cent just by applying small amounts of traction consistently to their body.


Penis Stretching Today

So in conclusion we can see that both the historical and geographical evidence confirms how effective and successful penis stretching techniques can be using various methods and devices.

Although for the modern penis extender technology the idea of using persistent traction devices such as an extender maybe be a recent phenomenon, the manual stretching of the penis or jelqining is certainly an old practice.

Man’s desire and need to increase the size of his penis has been around for thousands and  of years. Men have used some kind of device to stretch their penis in one form or the other for nearly as long.

The difference today is that modern penis extenders are high quality medical devices being safer and much more effective than ever before.

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