Cheap Penis Stretchers Made In China

Over the last few years we have seen more and more cheap penis stretchers coming onto the market. You can now buy penis enlargement devices for under $50 which can certainly seem like a real bargain; but is it really?

We were amazed that these professional medical devices could be sold at such a cheap price. Our contacts from leading penis enlargement companies told us that it costs over $50 to manufacture a medical penis stretcher.

So how on Earth can these companies be selling them for less? After getting our hands on one of these devices the answer was clear. These are cheap imitation copies manufactured in China.

By using cheap parts and labour they were able to produce these penis enlargement devices at half the manufacturing price of the Western companies.

Am I getting a good deal?

At first glance these devices seem like a real bargain; after all they look exactly the same and they are half the price compared to the other stretchers.

The “Made In China” tag has always been notorious with bad quality though, just think for a moment about all the cheap electronics, toys and clothes you may have owned. This low quality means these products will rarely lasts long.

The cheapest penis stretcher we can recommend on this site comes in at only $99. This is a high quality medical device which has been manufactured in Canada, carries the CE safety stamp and has undergone rigorous medical testing.

I’m on a budget though, what should I do?

It’s really important to avoid low quality devices from China. We advise you to be wary of any penis stretcher that costs less than $99.

The X4 Labs penis extender is an approved medical device which has been manufactured in Canada using high quality materials and is guaranteed to be safe. You can find the starter edition for just $99 which also includes delivery and you will find everything you needed to start enlarging your penis.

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Ok I want a big penis quickly, what is the best extender?

The best penis stretchers are made in Europe. So you can be rest assured that when you are buying a penis enlargement device made in Europe you are guaranteed a superior penis enlargement device.

Penis stretchers were first invented and developed in Europe which has evolved into them being the best penis extenders on the planet. They use the highest grade materials, superior manufacturing processes and employ highly trained professional staff.

Although you might be paying a little bit more you will have peace of mind knowing you are getting the best extender device available.

Both the SizeGenetics System and the Jes Extender are manufactured in Europe. Now you can use our special discount code which gets you the SizeGenetics stretcher for just $150.

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