World’s Biggest Penis

Penis size has always been an important factor for men both in terms of their sexual health and psychological health. Without question a larger penis gives a man more self-confidence which leads to a more exciting social life and a more fulfilling sex life.

There is always that subconscious battle to be in the position of alpha male and certainly a bigger penis will give you that edge. It’s no surprise then that many men ask who has the biggest penis in the world, who is the record holder?

Although there have been numerous studies attempting to answer this very question, the results from the studies have always conflicted with one another. We have to remember that the size of a man’s penis size is certainly not the most ideal subject to use for an objective study.

Because of the male ego nearly every man would want to have the honour of owning the biggest penis in the world. In today’s modern society there are numerous ways to artificially augment the natural penis size of any man. Therefore we can see this is a difficult question to really answer and it becomes harder to ultimately determine the real truth.

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The Average Penis Size

For most men their first concern is whether their penis measures up to the average size; no man wants to feel sexually inadequate. There are many statistics out there that deal with what would be considered the average penis size. For Caucasian males the average penis size will be around 6.2 inches long with the girth measurement being about 3.2 inches. Men of African descent tend to have a larger penis and this goes back to studies made in the year 1795.

Although one of the most famous studies into penis size made by the Kinsey Institute found that African males only have a slightly bigger average size. Which was 6.3 inches for the length and 3.7 inches for girth. The problem with Kinsey study was the sampling size for black men. Although the test subjects measured 2,500 for Caucasian males the number of African males was just 50. This unequal sampling size puts real doubt on the figures given.


The World’s Biggest Penis

So what about the world’s largest penis? It’s unfortunate that the precise details such as the names of those blessed with the world’s biggest penises are very elusive pieces of information.

We can however find the information with regard to the penis size measurements themselves. As of today the largest measurement of a penis although unofficial was made Dr. David Reuben.

The doctor found a subject whose penis measurement was 14 inches long while fully erect, the measurement was made in 1969. However to this date this information is completely unverified and cannot said to be the world’s largest penis.

The official measurement for the world’s biggest penis was documented by Dr. Robert Dickinson which was made at the beginning of the twentieth century. The record holding penis measured 13.5 inches in length and had a circumference of 6.25 inches. There have been other studies from both Alfred Kinsey and various other scientists which found more impressive results. The larger sizes ranged from 9.5 to 12 inches in erect length.

Today there have been lots of claims from many men made by various institutions that they possess even bigger penises. The problem however with these present claims is that there is numerous ways to enlarge the penis so it has become extremely difficult to measure the validity of these claims. Various methods such as using a penis extender or even penile surgery means that a man can go from 6 inches to 9 inches or even from 10 inches to 12/13 inches over a period of a few months.

So Dr. Dickinson’s well documented case is so far the most valid subject for the largest penis ever. This is because the measurement was made in the 1900’s which rules out most of the technological advances in penis enlargement that we see today. However even with today’s advancements in penis enlargement it is unlikely that any man will beat the 13.5 inch record that has been set.


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