Homemade Penis Stretcher

Penis stretchers are becoming extremely popular these days as men are able to achieve the bigger penis they’ve always wanted and can therefore enjoy the great lifestyle that goes with it. However with such popularity it’s inevitable that people try to make their own homemade penis stretcher and in doing so have suffered permanent injury.

One member of a forum had said “Easiest doesn’t always mean the safest. The easiest thing I can do to enlarge my penis is to tie some string around my cock and tie the other end to a brick, but hell that’s not safe at all!” Another member stated “The easiest way I can think of would be to stick your dick inside a vacuum cleaner for a few hours every day. But that’s certainly not safe!”

Don’t Risk Injury and Waste Your Time

Homemade penis stretchers are a risky and unsafe option when it comes to enlarging your penis. In fact it’s nearly impossible to achieve the smooth finished surfaces that are found on professionally made devices. Of course there is no way that when it comes to proper use of a penis stretcher, that the homemade device will have the perfect balance vital for proper stretching.

Imagine what would happen if the homemade device was too tight around the penis or it moves to the left more than to the right? There is no question that homemade penis stretchers are very simple to construct and that they are very inexpensive.

Searching around the internet you will find many forums, articles and information telling you how to make your very own penis stretcher. There is so much information available to you on these matters; however there is little said about what happens if it goes wrong.

People have been admitted to the emergency room time and time again because they attached weights to their penis or used a home constructed device; don’t let that happen to you.

Consider a High Quality Penis Stretcher

Dangers of Using a Homemade Penis Stretcher

Cuts and Bruises – This happens because when you construct a penis stretcher at home the materials used do not have the smooth surfaces needed to protect the highly sensitive skin that covers your penis.

Such cuts and bruises may leave a permanent scar and are extremely painful to this sensitive area of the body. It is almost certain that you will not be able to have any sexual intercourse during this period while you wait for your wounds to heal.

If you have been affected by such cuts and bruises it’s vitally important that you stop now and do not continue. Use a good topical ointment such as Arnica oil which will help with the inflammation and pain relief of bruises and sprains.

Nerve damage and blood vessel damage – Such damage happens when you stop the blood flow for too long of a period or when you constrict a very sensitive area using a lot more pressure than needed.

It’s so important that if you experience such loss of sensation in any part of your penis or if you notice your penis starts to change to a blue-green color then immediately go to a hospital emergency room. Such a serious matter should be administered by specialised medical staff.


CE Certified Penis Stretchers

The only way to get the great results you deserve and to do it in the safest way possible is to buy a certified penis stretcher device. You should look for a stretcher that carries the European CE safety stamp. This is a device that has passed rigorous quality checks before being allowed onto the market.

Remember you only have the one penis, there is absolutely no point risking it by taking unnecessary chances using an unsafe homemade device. You wouldn’t make your own pair of glasses for poor eyesight nor would you make a cast for your broken leg so why attempt to make your own penis stretcher?

Penis stretchers do an amazing job and have changed the lives of many men. These men are now so much happier living the life they’ve always wanted because they were bold enough to try using a penis stretcher.

Imagine the feeling of having a big penis swinging between your legs; imagine the confidence and self-esteem that comes from having a bigger penis.

If you like what you are imagining then buy a quality penis extender which is safe and guaranteed to add inches, remember to read all the instructions carefully and use it correctly.

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