Do Penis Stretchers Work?

This article offers an approach based on real evidence to question whether penis stretchers actually work. Backed up by medical studies it is clear that penis stretching will increase the size and girth of your penis which results in more confidence, better sex and more self-esteem for you.

Penis Stretcher Device
State of the art penis stretcher

Due to the rapid advancements in both the fields of health and medical sciences, there are now numerous products, devices and methods available to help enhance the size of your penis and enhance its shape.

It’s a fact that there are many more men who are turning towards easy yet safe ways to extend and improve their sexual organs especially the penis.

Such methods include taking male enhancement pills, using various penis stretchers (or penis extenders) or maybe even using certain male enhancement creams.

However the best most effective and certainly most successful of these enlargement methods would be using a penis stretcher or a traction-based penis stretching device.

With the right research and making careful decisions the correctly chosen penis stretchers will give a small amount stress to your penis shaft for a few minutes but will also help the skin and tissue cells of your penis to grow back. Therefore the length and girth of your whole penis will be noticeably increased and you will be more than ready to enjoy giving the best sexual performance when it comes to sex.

The good news for you is that the highly recommended and vigorously tested penis extenders will offer permanent enlargement and are now designed to be far more comfortable and convenient than ever before.

So how does a penis stretcher work?

Principle of traction in action. The "long-neck women" of the Paduang tribe.

When the penile tissues are submitted to forces of traction those same tissues will grow and multiply over time. You can see these same principle of traction when applied to tissue expansion, this is common place in plastic surgery, when production of real skin re-growth is needed in order to cover any skin defects, burns or balding areas.

This regeneration of new skin tissue will be used to help repair and cover things like skin defects, scars, burns and maybe even areas of hair loss. This technique is also used a lot in orthopedic surgery where they enlarge the ends of human bones and phalanges. Througout history and in some modern day cultures people have used the principle of traction to enlarge many different parts of their body.

With a penis stretcher the same ability is used, the extender will apply a traction force reaching up to 800 to 1600 grams on the body of the penis stretching it over a sustained period of time. This described traction will cause real adaptive reaction of those penile component tissues at a deep structural level, with a noticeable increase in the cellular multiplication of those same penis tissues which leads to gradual but progressive increases in both the length and girth of the penis tissues.

Based on clinical trials, a traction-based penis stretcher device will yield the following results:

• A total increase in the overall length of the penis size both in terms of erection and flaccidity
• A total increase in the overall girth of the penis size both in terms of erection and flaccidity

What is the scientific evidence (medical studies and clinical trials)?

Penis stretchers are now endorsed by many doctors

According to clinical studies published in an issue of the renowned British Journal of Urology March 2009, the penile stretcher, a traction-based device to be used for at least five to six hours a day for a minimum of six months was found to not only be completely safe and very effective, but can certainly increase erection size whilst improving most erectile function.
Another known study first published in the 2008 Journal of Sexual Medicine also found that a quality commercial penile stretcher significantly reduced any penile curvature and added noticeable length to the length and girth of the penis.

A significant and important study was conducted on the usage of the penis stretcher, indicated that average results of 34% increase in penile length and 36% in penile girth. Participants of this study ranged from the ages of 18 to 85 years old, pointing to the fact that age really has no real influence on the results of using penis enlargement devices.
In all of these studies mentioned above, it was conclusively found that any increase in growth both in terms of length and girth of the erect penis is proportional to the period of time the penile extender device is worn. Real growth is certainly lineal and so the longer the device is used, the more enlarged the penis becomes.

Safety of penis stretchers

Modern day penis extenders are actually designed to improve your sexual performance as well as increase your penis size plus enhance your overall male health. Many of these penis devices are even endorsed by medical doctors and medically certified penis devices are designed to deliver permanent penis enlargement.

Currently there has never been a major or severe adverse reaction or effects reported from using these devices. However, if there is a case of wounds, cuts or infected parts of the penis, then the device should never be used until all wounds have healed. Therefore such devices are generally considered a safe option for using at home and will have no significant side effects.
So doctors now truly believe that gradually stretching the penis over time can be safe and could certainly increase its overall length very much like when skin tissues are slowly expanded in certain cosmetic surgery procedures, including those found in many kinds of breast enhancements.

It is certain therefore that penis stretching devices offer you a safe, economical and succesful alternative to other complicated, risky and highly expensive means of penis enlargement such as medical surgery. You should, certainly however, do very careful research and compare various products before choosing the ideal penis stretcher that would suit your enlargement needs the best.

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